AMC Media Production is a Middle Eastern independent documentary film production company, creating high-quality and creative content to raise awareness about compelling stories regarding the Syrian civil society and the Syrian diaspora. We work for justice, for inclusivity, and for equality. Our goal is to bring to the public stories worth telling, while challenging stereotypes, humanizing headlines and giving voice to the invisible. We produce documentaries with original content and video products to help you have a meaningful impact.


AMC was born in 2012 amidst the fire and passion of the Syrian revolution, relying on a network of activists and citizen journalists fighting for democracy and justice. AMC started out providing media content to international news outlets, in the hope to raise awareness on the atrocities happening in Syria. Aiming at greater impact, the group later started to produce documentaries, becoming a production house and gaining international recognition (hyperlink). Currently, AMC focuses on documentary and video production, to give voice to the Syrian diaspora and civil society, articulate the memory of a long-standing war, and putting at your disposal its expertise and network to create impactful media materials.


Our mission is to give voice to the marginalized and underrepresented through visually captivating and engaging documentaries, to educate the global public and inspire people to act.


AMC Media Production exists thanks to the work of over 35 professionals deployed in Turkey, Syria, and Europe, with media, human rights, and civil society expertise. We are united by the passion for social justice and the belief that marginalized people should have a voice and that change is possible.

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