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Yaman Al-Khatib


Yaman Al-Khatib was a prominent Syrian journalist and filmmaker

Yaman Al-Khatib was a prominent Syrian journalist and filmmaker who dedicated his life to shedding light on the atrocities and humanitarian crises in his homeland. Born in Aleppo in 1989, he possessed a strong passion for journalism and storytelling from an early age. Yaman commenced his career by working for local news websites and TV channels, including Al Jazeera and Al Now, before becoming a member of the Aleppo Media Center, an independent media outlet that documented the Syrian conflict.

Yaman’s impactful work played a pivotal role in exposing the brutality of the Syrian civil war, which resulted in the loss of countless lives and the displacement of millions. He focused on documenting the war’s devastating impact on civilians, particularly children, and the ensuing humanitarian crises. Yaman’s dedication extended beyond Syria, as he also reported from other conflict zones, such as Ukraine, drawing parallels between the struggles of Syrians and Ukrainians in their quest for freedom and democracy.

One of Yaman’s notable achievements was his documentary film titled “Trapped in Idlib,” which received the prestigious first prize in the International Television Films category at the PRIX Bayeux Calvados-Normandie Festival in France. The film provided a poignant depiction of the Syrian regime’s and Russia’s military campaign in the province of Idlib, along with the resulting massive wave of displacement. Through personal stories of individuals who lost their families due to bombings, the film effectively amplified the voices of the Syrian people to a global audience.

Yaman’s portfolio also included the documentary “Lost Childhood,” which illuminated the experiences of Syrian children during the conflict, and “Gasping for Life,” which depicted the aftermath of a deadly gas attack on a Syrian village. Additionally, he worked on the project “Portraits of War,” aiming to humanize the victims of the conflict by capturing their portraits and sharing their stories.

Despite the dangers and risks associated with reporting on the Syrian conflict, Yaman remained unwavering in his commitment to his work, considering it a means of amplifying the voices of the silenced and forgotten. His courage and dedication garnered recognition and accolades, including the Syrian Journalist Association Award in 2017 and the International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists in 2020.

Tragically, Yaman’s life was abruptly cut short in early 2023 when he, along with his family, including his parents and siblings, perished in an earthquake that struck the Turkish state of Hatay, where they sought refuge. This loss deeply impacted the Syrian media community, which mourned his passing while honoring his remarkable legacy.

Yaman’s work and legacy continue to inspire and motivate journalists and filmmakers worldwide, serving as a reminder of the importance of sharing the stories of those who have been silenced and forgotten. His bravery and dedication will forever be remembered, and his legacy will endure through his impactful works and the lives he touched.

Here is a list of Yaman Al-Khatib’s notable works:

“Lost Childhood”

“Syria and Ukraine: The Same Struggle?”

“Portraits Of War”

“Gasping For Life”

“Hope From The Ashes”

“In the Trap of Idlib”