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Filmmakers in Northwest Syria Capture the Reality of Humanitarian Crisis

In the midst of one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time, our team of dedicated filmmakers at Aleppo Media Center tirelessly work to capture the reality of civilians’ lives in northwestern Syria after the Mar’aash earthquake. We strive to reflect the harsh reality they are facing in films that simulate their suffering after losing everything they own there.

We are currently working on a series of films that shed light on the lives of civilians, their struggles, and success stories in both Syria and Turkey. The Aleppo Media Center team collaborates continuously with its partners to produce high-quality films that shed light on the humanitarian crisis in northwestern Syria and the success stories that tell us about the achievements of individuals despite all that they are going through.

Despite the challenges we face in the production process, we remain determined to continue our work in order to bring the stories of the affected civilians to light and to raise awareness about their struggles. We hope that our efforts will not only inform the public about the dire situation in Syria and Turkey, but also inspire others to take action and help those in need.