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The Insightful Hearts

In the realm of storytelling, we consistently strive to illuminate the tales of challenges and heroes, aiming to inspire people on how our protagonists overcome obstacles. In the ongoing pursuit of this mission,  Fadi & Ali present their latest film, “The Insightful Hearts,” a poignant exploration of human resilience in the face of adversity.

This film, recently showcased on “ARTE” transports viewers to the daily lives of the visually impaired individuals who lost their sight due to attacks by government forces in northwest Syria. It artfully captures how these individuals confront challenges with remarkable spirit.

“The Insightful Hearts” serves as a continuation of the legacy of our dearly departed Yaman Al-Khatib, whose presence has been felt since the very beginning. His spirit remains intertwined with our efforts at AMC, as we consistently strive to narrate stories that deserve to be told.

The documentary sheds light on the struggles of those who are blind, either from birth or as a consequence of the devastating bombings in their hometowns. Braille inscriptions in narrow alleys aid their navigation, demonstrating the thoughtful adaptations made to ease their daily lives.

As bombings persist in the region from the forces of Bashar al-Assad and his Russian ally, the film poses essential questions. How do these individuals perceive the war through their heightened senses? The documentary introduces us to Sahar, Ayman, Abu Mahmoud, and Yazan, all displaced from their original city in the rebel enclave of Idleb.

“The Insightful Hearts” not only pays homage to Yaman Al-Khatib but also adds another chapter to AMC’s dedication to telling stories that resonate.

You can watch the film [here].

Realization: Suzanne Allant

Image: Abdel basset Nofal, Fadi-Al-Halabi, Ali Fadila

Director: Suzanne Allant

Country: France

Year: 2023