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Syria and Ukraine: The Same Struggle?

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Our team, AMC, contributed to the production and shared the direction with filmmaker Suzanne Allant.

As the Syrian people celebrate the 11th anniversary of their revolution, this year, another country is honored in the hearts of the protesters: Ukraine. Since 2015, Russia has been aiding Bashar al-Assad in military reconquest of the country. Hospitals, schools, and convoys of civilians have been mercilessly bombed, sparing no Syrian lives.

In the region of Idlib, the last enclave held by the opposition to Bashar al-Assad, Aziz, Mouna, and Abu, like all Syrians, are watching the situation in Ukraine with concern. They know that the future of their country depends on the outcome of this war in Europe.

After 11 years of a war that has claimed at least 500,000 lives, they still dream of freedom and dignity. But to achieve this goal, they need the help of the international community.

The film “Syria and Ukraine: The Same Struggle?” directed by Suzanne Allant in collaboration with the AMC team sheds light on the similarities between the struggles of the Syrian and Ukrainian people. Both countries are fighting for their freedom and against foreign intervention. They both face similar challenges of displacement, trauma, and uncertainty about their future.

The film captures the voices and experiences of the Syrian and Ukrainian people, highlighting the resilience, courage, and determination of those who continue to fight for their rights and dignity. It reminds us of the importance of solidarity and support for those who are struggling for freedom and justice, no matter where they are.

In the end, “Syria and Ukraine: The Same Struggle?” is a powerful call to action, urging the international community to stand with the Syrian and Ukrainian people in their fight for justice and freedom.

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