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Hope From The Ashes

Short documentaries, Syria

The AMC team, consisting of Yaman Khatib, Fadi Al-Halabi, and Zein Al-Rifai, played an integral role in the filming and co-directing of the work with Suzanne Allant.

Zein Al-Rifai, a Syrian student turned photojournalist, has dedicated his career to documenting the humanity of the people in his war-torn country. His work highlights the resilience and strength of individuals amidst the chaos of conflict.

Through his lens, Al-Rifai captures the stories of everyday heroes such as Aida, who cares for orphaned children, Alaa, who founded a refuge for abandoned cats, and Aziz, who paints frescoes on ruined buildings.

Despite the challenges they face, these individuals continue to find ways to bring hope and light to their communities. Through his powerful images, Al-Rifai gives a voice to those who are often overlooked and reminds us of the enduring human spirit in the face of adversity.

The collaboration between the AMC team and director Suzanne Allant has resulted in a compelling portrayal of the humanity of the Syrian people. Through their joint efforts, they have succeeded in shining a light on the inspiring stories of those who have been impacted by conflict, demonstrating the power of collaboration and storytelling in creating meaningful change.

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